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We give advice!

26.07.2016 / 0 comments
We give advice!

Blogs are a great place to talk more about your products and news; to give tips and advice, and to write about whatever else you want your customers to know!

Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. Even infrequent posts help to promote your business! Blogging is a popular way to build your fan base and gain more traffic to your site - resulting in more orders from your e-shop. In fact, if done right, your blog can quickly become the leading source of revenue for your online store.

Updating your blog on a regular basis tells customers that your business is constantly active. This establishes a sense of buyers confidence, and you can better engage with readers to convert them into loyal customers.
Blogging will also help to improve your Google search visibility, since there is more content for searchers to find. Search engines monitor page activity - so the more that you create or edit pages, the better rankings you will receive. What’s more, the longer that you customers stay on your page, the better your search results will be, too.

When creating your blog posts, consider the words that potential customers may be using to search. When you create content with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, you are helping your business to be more visible.

If you have an interesting blog, then customers will share it. It’s a fantastic marketing strategy to grow your business and credibility.

With your ShopRoller store, you can select from two options to present your blog:

  1. Blog (list view): Articles are stacked one above another, and can be opened and closed on the same page. This format is is typically chosen when there are less articles published, or more content is to be presented. 
  2. Blog Gallery (grid view): Articles are smaller and displayed next to one another. This format is typically chosen when many blog posts are available, or when images should take the center-stage. 

You can find images for your blog from portals such as

Pexel offers high quality photos for commercial-use, free of charge. (You’re welcome!)

Happy blogging!